Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Silence is Deafening.

What's a mother of 4 to do when she's
all alone in an unfamiliar city? 

So many times when I've been feeling
tired, frustrated, and ready to throw in the
towel I've wanted to run away.  Not for
forever, just  for a few days.  Rent a hotel
room.  Order a pizza.  And sleep for as long
as I want.  Watch whatever I want.  And
come back home all fresh and renewed.

But now that I'm here it's not quite what
I thought it would be.  The silence is much
too loud, there's nothing to watch, and
Pizza Hut doesn't deliver.  (Can you
believe that?!)

No, I haven't ran away.  Just doing some
training for work.  I'll be gone most
of the week.

And so, I've been having conversations
with myself all day about what I'm gonna
do with myself all week when classes are done
for the day. 

And I must admit this country girl is a bit
intimidated by the big city.  I'm a scaredy cat,
chicken, wimp.  Can't deny it.
There's not one adventurous bone to be found
anywhere in my body.  If it had been
left up to me America would've never been discovered.
And Hubs can forget having me as a
partner in The Amazing Race.

And so I sit here.  In my hotel room.
On my bed, watching Battle of the
Blades.  It's a Canadian show. 
Not too bad really.  They've paired ex hockey
players with professional ice skaters.  The
success of a routine, in my opinion comes down
to their choice of music. 

Tomorrow I will probably venture out
after classes.  Not sure where yet.
But before I go home, I plan
on stopping by the Detriot Michigan
Temple to get some pictures with
the awesome camera Hubs got
for me awhile ago.

Anywhoo, guess thats all for now.
Just so you know, I've only called home
twice since I've been here.  And twice
it was really, really quiet.  What's up
with that?

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