Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Blonde Moment.

I must confess something.

But before I do let me just make
a small plea in my behalf.

I am a good woman. Most of
time. I am a good mother, too.
At least when I’m not yelling.
Now I’m not mother of the
year, but I’m not like Cinderella’s
evil step mother either.

But, I am absolutely without a doubt
the best. Aunt. Ever!
Hands down. No contest. Just ask
my nieces and nephews. (I’ve got
oodles of them)

That is, until today. Today, I failed
MISERABLY. Today, while waiting
outside of my baby’s classroom to speak
with his teacher for P/T conference, I see
my sister-in-law approaching.

Completely confused as to who she would
be there for, the following conversation
took place.

Me: “Hey Mandy. Who ya here for?”
Mandy: “Uh Dylan.”
Me: “Oh yeah. Um…” (Stumbling to recover)
SIL who now hates me: “You know they
                                      are the same age.”
Me: “I know it’s just I always think he’s
        Owen’s age.”
SIL who has now removed me from their Christmas
Card list: SILENCE

I know. Lame. How could I?
Only excuse. I have four kids.
They suck all my brain cells.

And so, that is it. My big, huge
blonde moment. And in one single
second I am out of the running for
Aunt of the Year.

And so I make my plea
please forgive me Bryton
Andy Lexi Emma Lindsey
Jimmy Layken Logan Brandon
Dasia Kenzie Landon Emily
Aiden Gavin Ashley Zoe Kamen
Kaden Kiana Amanda Whitney
Tanner Morgan …….Oh dear.



Blog ya later,

1 comment:

  1. From the "SIL"!
    Thats ok Missy, I still love you and so does Pickle!!! (0:


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