Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Post About Nothing.

Hubs and the boys went camping
and so it is just me and Olivia.
 Only she went to bed a couple
of hours ago, so really I'm
all alone until Mega Roo
gets home from the
football game.

The house is seriously quiet.
Almost deafening.  When
the boys are here it's constant
commotion.  They're always
wrestling, running, or jumping.
They seriously cannot be anywhere
near each other without touching
in some way.   Usually its through a love
punch.  *sigh*

It must be a boy thing cause I notice
with their friends too. 

Tonight, before they left I tried to get
Josh to stay home with me, but he was not
to be bribed.  He must have thought I
was serious though, because he made a
beeline to the van, almost tripping in the

As they drove away, I said a little
prayer that they'd be safe.  I can't help
it. I'm a worrier, and I know Hubs.  He
lets them do things that I would
quickly put a stop to.

I just heard the door close.  Meghan is home
from the game.  With my chicks safely gathered
in, or at least part of them, I think I'll call it a night.

Sweet dreams.
Blog ya later, Missy

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