Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wearing O' the Green.


Today is St. Patrick's Day.
And I didn't wear green.
I didn't get pinched either.

I'm not a very holidayee person.
Must be getting old.  Old and grumpy.  For sure.

Once, when I was little
I remember going down into
our basement to get my pants out of the dryer.
They were made of polyester and had
a blue and red patchwork pattern on them.  LoOved them.
But, Mom wouldn't let me wear them
 because it was St. Patrick's Day and there
wasn't any green on them.

When you're 4 and your brother's 8
it's not safe to be taking such risks. 
Darin would've been forced to pinch me. 
He would've had no other choice.  Cause that's the kind of brother he is.
And traditions are not to be taken lightly.
Oh.  And as a side note.  He can pinch with his
toes too.  And pick things up with them. 
He's multi-talented.

Good thing I didn't see him today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Heartache in Japan.

view from our side deck last fall

  Today, like you, I awoke to the news of the
tragedy that took place in Japan over night.  In just a few minutes
lives were changed forever. 

I could only imagine their heartache, as feelings of empathy
washed over me.  Yet the gratitude that I felt, because
my family, was safe in their beds, did not escape me.
I wanted to hold them close, and tell them that
I loved them, and then tuck them safely under
my wing.  But they were still asleep.
So, I gave softly placed kisses instead.

As I write this, it's morning there now.
Life is already moving on.
Sadly, in time, for those far removed, it will be old news.

I hope to never know the sorrow, and pain they feel.
I hope you don't either.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Not To Wear.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
This picture is no different.   I'm guessing we're about 3.
I remember it for two reasons
1.  I did not like the outfit.
2.  I didn't like the man taking the picture because
he was trying to make me smile.

I remember Mom dressing us in front
 of the sandstone fireplace
 all the while trying to convince me to
   wear the outfit because it was cute.
 I wasn't buying it.
     And there was absolutely no way I was gonna smile dressed like that.
To make matters worse, Mandy could have cared less. 
 The scandal of it all.

    Occasionally, I have had clothing wars with my children.
    For the most part now, I've learned that if I like a piece
   of clothing, they will hate it.
And some day, I'm sure I'll hear about
the outfit that I made them wear.
I can hardly wait.

Here's to priceless Olan Mills pictures!

        Oh, and just so you know this sweet little face is the 
                                same sweet face involved in the sugar bowl scandal of 1979. 


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Raise a Boy.

This is Doodle.  Minutes before he finished my soda at the ball field.
In the heat of The Summer with record heat waves.  And one concession stand.  Two fields away.
Such a thoughtful boy.
He has the softest hair ever.  Really.  And it always smells good .
Even when the rest of him smells like boy stink.
I know because I sniff it when I give him hugs.
Its a high. 
I know.  Weird.

He is one of two reasons why Red Dye # 40 is banned in our home,
and sugar before bed,
and why earplugs are on my list for Wal Mart.
Oh, and he's the main offender of the basketball ban.

He's growing like a weed.  Which makes me daydream
about the day when he will be taller than me, and I can't sniff his
hair anymore, and then I think about him
going on a mission, and getting married...
 then I hyperventilate.
And I cry.
Then I hear the basketball bouncing off the hallway walls

C'est la vie!

Now go sniff your boys hair before he's too tall.
Or your daughter. 
Either will do.

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