Friday, October 15, 2010

Honey, I'm home!

Helloooo strangers!! Where have you been all week?

What? It wasn’t you that was gone?
It was me. I’m soo glad you noticed.

I wish I had a really fabulous post for you.
But, I don’t. Sorry. I’ve thought and thought
for the last couple of days and nothin.

I thought about telling you all about how boring
the long drive home from Michigan was. And how
I had long and meaningful conversations by phone with
each of my siblings. And I’m pretty sure we solved some
major world problems. And that when I got home there
was not one single soul there to greet me. Not one. I mean.
I didn’t expect a police escort or anything, but I was
gone for like forever. No one even left the porch light on
for me (they would not make good Motel 8 employees).
I was bummed. But it didn’t take long for
the troops to start straggling in and all of their hugs
and kisses made up for their lack of hospitality.

But when I thought about it, I decided that would be
a super boring post. And that I would loose half
of my followers. Which if you check the count
over there to your right. Is only 10. Sad. I know. The other
five would only stick around cause their family. And
they know I’d make ‘em sorry.

I even thought about telling you about the funny things
that I’ve been over hearing around my house lately. Like
yesterday when Meghan wanted me to sign a blood donation
consent and I told her that she didn’t need the Aphoresis part
signed. Josh says “Meghan, no one says that any more.”
Where does he get it? That boy makes me laugh, and cry, and tired.
He’s a well rounded individual.

But then I decided it was probably one of those had to be there moments.
And I was struck by amnesia and couldn’t think of anything
else anyway.


I hate when that happens.

Lastly, I thought I’d tell you about cleaning out our basement.
That place was a pit. It looked like a scene from hoarders.
I’m not even kidding. We got rid of one box spring, 3 mattresses,
a dresser, two bed frames, oodles and oodles of junk, and
that has barely scratched the surface. Well, not really. It’s
a big improvement. But there’s still lots more
to go.

But I’m sure you all don’t want to hear about my basement.
I mean you came here to learn about important stuff.

Like how much snot was produced by nose during
those three days. It was annoying. I’m sure I broke some
sort of record. Actually, it was disgusting. I won’t
share any details. All I’m gonna say is, I’m really
glad Hubs loves me. Cause seeing a girl in that kind
of state would end any budding romance.


So you see? I’m in a pickle. I just can’t think
of one thing to write about. Unless you’d like
to hear about…never mind. I mean. I do want
you all to return.

Blog ya later,

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  1. I bet Motel 6 wouldn't want them either. LOL! Sorry, I crack myself up sometimes too :)


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