Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Love.

Tonight my kids were exceptionally well behaved.
No little brothers doing they're pestering thing.
No complaints about dinner.
No fuss about finishing their homework.
We read the scriptures together, just before bedtime, and there wasn't one argument.
I'm not sure how it is that the planets aligned so perfectly,
but no complaints here.           

Then, as I was sitting here thinking about what to write,
I heard it.
A catacalysmic argument between the girls.
Something about the dishes I'm sure.

While they argued, I caught up on some of the blogs that I follow.
One in particular is by a woman who has recently lost her 13 year old son.
Her grief is almost palpable.  And I cried for her.  For her loss.
And I listened to my girls argue about the dishes. 
And I gave a silent prayer of thanks.

My children. How I love them!
I'm going to go tell them now.

Have you told yours today?

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