Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chorkie. Chorkie? Chorkie!

Sometimes as a parent I am a complete pushover.
And my kids know it.

Especially if they are of the blonde- hair -brown- eyed variety.
Or blue -eyed -brown- haired variety.
Doesn't really matter.
Because this post isn't really about parenting skills.

Which is exaclty why we now have one of these.

This is Daisy.

She's cute.

So is her rightful owner.

But she is a poop machine.

Sorry.  I wouldn't normally say that on here,
but it can't be helped.

If she wasn't so darned cute
I would be seriously mad at her.

She's a chorkie. 
Isn't that a funny word? 

It took a few days for Josh to come up
with just the perfect name.

Call her Princess said one,
Charley said another.

Then it happened.  Just like that.
Daisy was her name.

Sweet little flower that she is.

She really ate one of the kids' homework papers last week.
Which may or may not have been before she had a name.

Monday, August 22, 2011

"I'm running away!"

Josh.  Being Josh.

Thats what my baby said,
Then he ran out the back door
leaving a trail of chaos behind him. 

I was fixing dinner
so I watched him from the kitchen window.
 I could tell by watching him that this was gonna
last awhile. Because he was seriously mad
and the older kids had been picking on him.  Again.

    He has a fiery temper that one.

Andy and Josh eating dinner while on vacacion July 2011


   Back under the apple tree
    Andy the goat, not the cousin, had joined him.
  Just a boy and his goat.
  There they sat for awhile,
    until Andy started chewing at Josh's hair.

                             When dinner was ready there was no coaxing him in.
                                                      Papaw couldn't even do it.
                                                           At least not at first.

                        Then I saw a blonde streak dart through the kitcen
                                                          and out the back door.
                                         There he was again under the apple tree
                                                           with his dinner plate.

4H Fair 2011
                                                      Pride before hunger.

                                             It must be so hard being the baby.

                                                    He turned 9 last week.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who's the slacker?

It pains me to admit this
But I am a slacker.
My absence from blogging only
testifies to that fact.

 I've been hanging out in blog land
visiting all of my favorite blogs
and totally neglecting my own.

The good news though is that my long
absence this summer has provided me with
loads of stuff to chat it up about,
so stay tuned.

Do you wanna know some of
my favorite places to stalk visit?

First up is Traci @ Beneath My Heart.
She's from Kentucky (but we won't hold that against her ; )
She is a talented decorator and has a serious love affair with burlap. 
She and her family have moved recently,
so join her in the journey of making
this new house a home.

Next up is sweet Noelle from Because Nice Matters.
Noelle just had a sweet baby girl, Emily. 
Or Elimy as her sweet little niece "Trouble" likes to call her.
Emily just had surgery and should be going home soon.
Head on over for a visit.  You'll love
it there.

Serene is my name, not my life is where Serene shares
her humorous stories of motherhood.  And with 5 little ones
at home she's never short on stories.  Her wit and humor
make me laugh right out loud.  Mainly because I've been there.
Hang in there sister!  Go visit her.  Her kids are adorable.

Another person that I often visit is Becca.  She's a kindergarten teacher,
but shares her love of cooking, decorating, and gardening.   Her home
is beautiful.  And I want the shed in her back yard.

And lastly, well not really lastly, but if I shared all
of the blogs that I visit you'd be here all night.

Last is Teresa over at Meadowbrook Farm.
I love. love. love. love it there.
I don't know what I envy more
her to-die-for flower beds,
mad photography skills,
or her perfect country farmhouse?
Go visit her and let me know
what you're coveting.

Now go grab a Diet Coke, or a cup of coffee, or whatever else
 you need to snuggle up in front of the computer
and enjoy some of the best sites blogging has to offer.

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