Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WWE Smackdown.

If your house is anything like mine
then you know that if you leave the camera laying around
the kids will find it.
And heaven only knows what you'll find.

They're photograpy and videography skills are a-mazing!

Sometimes I delete the silliness.
Sometimes I just file it away.
And when I'm feeling nostalgic
I look through it all
and ooh and ahh over my babies
and how much they've grown.

And then every once in awhile I come across
a sweet little treasure like this.
I found this video the other day
and laughed until I cried.

I know right?  Funny.

Don't worry too much about Olivia
she is the instigator.
Do you have one those?


  1. That's hilarious!!! I'm so impressed with your children's photography and video taking skills. Usually I just get pictures of the floor or chairs. :)

  2. what cute pictures! and thank you for stopping by for my SITS feature today - i appreciate the support.

    i'm your newest follower now : )


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