Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Political Statement.

This is a political statement.

Josh has been telling me for weeks that his
church shoes were too small.

I kept telling him I'd get him a new pair this week.

Then I found this in the yard the other day.

I guess he's decided to take matters into his own hands.

You do know what this means?

He'll probably be barefoot at church on Sunday.


  1. Missy!! You crack me up:) I love my redneck bloggin password thingys:) SO glad you found that funny, I always crack up at the words they make me type:) Anyway, just thought I'd let you know, I think you're great!! Sooo, find us a dental practice to buy an we'll be there in a year and half, k?!

  2. That is too funny. I always had two pair of slacks, (navy and black), two white shirts, two ties (one with navy, one with black) and ONE pair of church shoes for my boys for church.

    So when will your son get new shoes? :)

    I see that you are LDS. I am too. How do I get that Temple button that you have on the top right of your blog?

  3. So funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog - following yours now :)

  4. This is so friggin funny. So will he get new shoes. Found your blog from the DIC blog hop. Would love it if you could come by and visit my site....


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