Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to solve your laundry problems.

Model Not To Scale

Dear Laundry Pile,
     We need to talk.  Things just aren't working out for me.
Your needs are just too much.  If you don't receive daily attention
you're worse than weeds in a garden.  Even your pet name, Mt. Ray, no
longer seems to fit.  
     Why laundry pile?  Is it the detergent or the fabric softener? 
I've talked to the washing machine and the dryer, and they both agree
you are out of control!
      I just can't allow you to influence my daily activities any longer.
I've decided to put you to better use.

Best regards,
The Domestic Diva

Awesome photo found while using Stumbleupon.  If you know the source please share.

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