Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chorkie. Chorkie? Chorkie!

Sometimes as a parent I am a complete pushover.
And my kids know it.

Especially if they are of the blonde- hair -brown- eyed variety.
Or blue -eyed -brown- haired variety.
Doesn't really matter.
Because this post isn't really about parenting skills.

Which is exaclty why we now have one of these.

This is Daisy.

She's cute.

So is her rightful owner.

But she is a poop machine.

Sorry.  I wouldn't normally say that on here,
but it can't be helped.

If she wasn't so darned cute
I would be seriously mad at her.

She's a chorkie. 
Isn't that a funny word? 

It took a few days for Josh to come up
with just the perfect name.

Call her Princess said one,
Charley said another.

Then it happened.  Just like that.
Daisy was her name.

Sweet little flower that she is.

She really ate one of the kids' homework papers last week.
Which may or may not have been before she had a name.

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