Friday, September 3, 2010

What Florence Nightingale Knew

I've been a nurse for 13 years.
During that time I've learned a few things.

1.  Nursing isn't for everyone.
2.  Some days it isn't for me.
3.  Nurses really do eat their young.
4.  Never ever pray for the night to go fast.
5.  Don't say, hint at, or even think of the name of
     your most annoying/difficult/rude/frequent flyer patient.
     You'll be seeing them before the shift is over.
6.  Don't put a needle into a needle-less IV set.
     Unless you want to start an a new IV.
7.  Drain the catheter bag and the tubing
     before removing it from your patient.
8.  A suture removal set will not remove surgery staples.
9.  If you're patient tells you that "they always draw
     blood/start IVs from my left arm" - LISTEN.
10.  History repeats itself.  Learn from it.
11.  There are some patients that you will never forget.
12.  Your patients will remember you long after you've
       forgotten the night you took care of them.
13.  Follow your gut.  Even when nothing is wrong.  at the time.
14.  If the bag of water is visible, a baby is not far
15.  Knock before you walk into a patients room.  I'm just sayin'.
16.  Shift change will come just as the rising/sitting
        of the Sun.
17.  Dread full moons and storms if its your night to work.
       If not, then enjoy it.
18.  Caller ID is a nurses best friend.
19.  Nurses can/will talk about anything while eating.
20.  I will never understand why my patients save their poop
       for me to see. 

Blog ya later, Missy

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