Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ghetto Queen has a Ghetto Bro

Warning:  Do not procede to read this
post if you :
a.) are involved in anyway with PETA.
b.) love animals and would never dream
     of using shock therapy as a training tool.
c.) if you're already bored and falling asleep.

In true ghetto style I celebrated Labor Day
with my ghetto siblings.  Just us and our
little (or not so little) families. 

We went to my brothers.  He grilled out.

After dinner, as is our typical style, we sat around
and talked about what's been going on in our lives.
'Cause that's what families do.
We made fun of lauged at cried uncrontrollaby at
shared some really. bad.  drivers license photos. 
Its ok.  I'll get over it.  No really.  I'm not hurt.

Once every one dried their tears, talk turned
to the animals.  Now, let me just start
by telling you that my brother runs
a zoo.  Seriously.  I tell him that all the
time.  Lots of dogs, chickens, cats, a
bird, lizard thing, pig, and you see what
I mean.

Anyway.  He must have been thinking
that things were getting a little loud with
the dogs because they were all sporting
shock collars. 

Yep. You read right.  Now, most
normal families would think nothing
of this.  But not the Ghetto's.

I had never seen the collars in use
so, naturally I asked for a demonstration.
Now, ghetto brother said that
he couldn't do such a thing.  Because
that would be ethically wrong. Or confuse
them. Or blah, blah, blah.

Thank goodness ghetto sister was there
because she found the remotes and
did a little demo for me.  Ok.  Let me
tell you- that was funny, and I dont
care who you are.  But then ghetto
brother took the remotes away and
ruined our good laugh. 

Now please don't think any less of me.
I like animals.  Dogs.  Cats. 
Well, not really cats.  Cause I'm allergic.

You remember those strays?
Well, they've takin up full residence
at my house.  They all have names
now.  Momma J (she's the mom),
Lonestar(Star), Pretty (cause she's pretty), Socks,
and Pumpkin.  They never did find
a nice Amish home.  I'm the
only one that takes care of them.
Everyday.  And everyday my
eyeballs swell.  (Not really.  Only
sometimes.  Like the night I tried to take them
all to the back porch to eat and I took a
shortcut through the house and Katie
discovered them.  Its not a good situation when your
about 10 steps from the  back door and the 3
cats your shuttling through the house decide
to bolt rather than suffer death by a 5 lb

My wounds are almost healed now.
The cat scratch fever is better too.

Anyway that's another post.  I'm much
too tired to keep going. Pray for me.  And
my little stray kitty family.  And my ghetto
brother's doggies and for my ghetto
sister who may never get over her
totally hilarious awesome drivers license

No animals were harmed in the
creating of this post.

Blog ya later, Missy


  1. Oh my, Missy! You must hang out with my husband- that would've had him rolling!! Reminds me of "Dick & Jane" movie.


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