Thursday, August 26, 2010

You know you're the baby when....

your mom is a week late posting about
your 8th Birthday!!!

Can you even believe it?
This little pot turned 8 last week.

As you may, or may not know this
little punk is quite the character. 
He makes me laugh on a daily

He is probably the most strong-willed
child that I know.  I pray a lot
for patience.  Cause I need a lot
of it.  Heaping portions of
good ol' fashioned patience
like grandma had, but not my

I really should write down everything
that he says.  Most of the time I'm
left with my mouth hanging open.

Earlier this year, some
friends invited us over for dinner.
The meal was fabulous looking, and
you could tell that the hostess
had worked very hard on it, but Josh
when he sees the spread yells,
"I don't like none of this crap!"
I wanted to die right there.  Dig
myself a hole and crawl in it. I ain't coming
out.  The Mr. of the household heard
it and started to laugh really loud.
The hostess lauged too (thankfully, although
we've not been invited back.  I'll have
to ask her if we're still friends).  Me, I
was hiding in the hole.  I only came out
to write this little story.

Then another time, when our Home Teachers were
over, he and I were sitting on the end
of the sofa.  He had wallowed me to death.
So, I kind of raised myself up, to get off my leg
that I had been sitting on, when
Josh yells "Watch out!! Mom's gonna
let one blow!"  I think Brother Jones, one
of the home teachers, almost got in the
floor over that one.  Nice.

Needless to say, I find myself saying to Josh
all the time "Just because you think
it, doesn't mean you say it."

Umm.  It's not getting through.

Sometimes, I can see the wheels
spinning and intercept his
thoughts/comments, but sometimes
he beats me to the punchline, and
sometimes no matter how scary
of a look I give he's just. got. to. 
say. it.

He should come with a warning sign:
"Don't let the brown eyes fool you."

Life with Josh is never boring.
Heavenly Father knew just what
he was doing when he
sent him to us.  I am absolutely crazy
about this boy. 

He's growing up way too fast.
I always say to him, "Are you my
baby?" and he snuggles in for a
hug, and murmurs "uh huh."
Melts my heart.

Happy Belated Birthday Joshy!!
I love you.

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  1. Thanks for visiting! My baby is 10 - what is it about the baby growing up twice as fast as the others? They seem to be the most entertaining, too! (and demanding among many other things)


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