Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a mom thing.

The other day Momma J and I had a bonding moment.
I was sitting on the steps thinking about what to fix for dinner.
Momma J was taking a bath.

And thats when it happened.
Just like its happened to me hundreds of times before.

As Momma J was taking a bath, Socks decides
it is time to eat, and he can't wait until
Momma J is finished.

So there she is.  Leg hiked, mid bath, and a kid
demanding to be fed.  So she stops what shes doing
and feeds him, but not without
giving him a quick clean up first.

Cause that's what Moms do.

I tell ya.  Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be
able to go into the bathroom alone.  If I
get anywhere near the bathroom
kids are drawn to me like moths to a light.

CrAzY I know.

When the kids were really young
they'd slide notes under the door, or
stick their little hands, and fingers under it,
or they'd do my personal favorite
try to look under the door. They'd
usually say something like "Are you
taking a baf?  Can I take one wif you?"

That is, if I got the door locked.  If not
they'd come barging in.  Pull the
shower curtain open and sometimes
climb right on in clothes and all!

They're older now.  I no longer get
notes under the door, and they don't always
come in, but they almost always
bang at the door and want to know
when I'm coming out.  NEVER!!
(Or at least until I hear someone
crying)  *Sigh*

Oddly enough I think I miss
those little notes, and the
chubby little fingers under
the door.

So, Momma J.  Here's to you.
You're doing a good job.
Only you need to tell the
kids to stay out of my flowers
and stop leaving dead rodents
on my steps!!!

Us moms, we gotta stick together.

Blog ya later, Missy

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