Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"O give me a home.."

Let me just start by telling you that
even though I have not posted recently,
it doesn't mean that all has been quiet on the
homefront.  No. No. No.  Quite the

Here's a few things, in case you were

1.  Olivia turned 13.  Got a cell phone. 
     And has not stopped talking/texting since.

2.  Josh got superglue all over his fingers while
     trying to fix a wooden snake, that he got for free from a
     yard sale.  (Please note that I glued the snake earlier
     in the day, but Meghan broke it.  Again. So, the two
     of them were trying to fix it. Again.  For safety reasons
     do not let a 16 year old and an almost 8 year old play
     with superglue.)  Guess we should rethink the motto:
     "If it's free.  It's for me."
     For awhile, it seemed as though it might
     break him from sucking his two fingers, but alas when the
     glue came off he resumed his old habits. That boy went
     through some serious withdrawals! (I told him
     that it was poison and he might die if he sucked his
     fingers with it on there.  What?!?!  Someday I'll tell you
     what my dad said to me that stopped me from
     sucking my thumb, and I'm still ok.)


3.  The girls are both planning slumber parties for this
     weekend.  I'm not sure how that happened.  I
     must be crazy.  Sometimes it's just easier to do what
     they want, when they want, than it is to listen to the
     "You said I could have a slumber party for my birthday."
     "She always gets to have friends over.  Why don't I?"
     "This summer has been so boring.  I haven't seen my
      friends all summer..."  So I put up the white flag of
      surrender and am letting them both have a party.  This
      weekend.  Friday night.  Around 10-15 girls.  Teenage
      girls.  That's a lot of hormones.  I'm going to buy
      an economy size bottle of Tylenol. And earplugs.
      I'm running away.  Can I come over Friday?  This

4.   Hubs bought me a resin rooster from a yard sale
      last week.  I love it.  It's big, fat, black and has
      some funky shoes on its feet.  I collect roosters.
      But I'm a bit of a rooster snob.  Not every rooster
      piece is worthy of my collection.  It has to be unique. 
      (Note:  In 17 years of marriage I've never known him to
       go to yard sales without me dragging him along. 
       He did good.  Times are a changing.)

5.  Big changes are going on at work.  I'm probably
     going back to 3rd shift which I don't mind really, but
     giving up my dayshift spot makes me nervous.  What
     if thirds ends up sucking, and then I'm stuck?  S-T-U-C-K.
     I made a list of pros and cons.  I'll share them with you.
     Pros:  I am not a morning person.
               I won't have to use an alarm clock. 
               I can go to the kids daytime activities without having to
               take off from work (which may or may not happen). 
               Less politics. 
               Pay differential.
     Cons:  Hubs sleeps at night. 
                Trying to sleep during the day when
                the kids are home for the summer.

      Suffice it for me to say...I am glad for the change.

      I think.

6. I've been suffering from an identity crisis related to my blog. 
     It all started when I read some blog advice.  One very active/
     successful blogger made the suggestion that bloggers should
     link their blog to a specific area of interest.  Uh Oh.  Now we
     have a problem.  Where do I fit in?  I'm not really a crafter
     (though I would love to be).  I'm not into politics (that's Hubs
     arena). I would be ashamed to post pictures of the meals I
     cook and feed to my family (I would totally have to plagerize
     other peoples pictures, and that just wouldn't be honest).  So you
     see my dilemna?  Where do I belong?  What do you all think?
7.  I made a fruit arrangement at the Relief Society meeting last
     night and accidently stabbed myself with the skewer. 

8.  The other day while I was doing dishes I had the best conversation
      with Josh as he was rolling around under my feet and all over the
      kitchen floor.
      Josh:  "Do you bewieve in mustard seed?"
      Me:  "Yes.  Do you mean do I have faith the size of a mustard seed?"
      Josh:  "Yeah that's it.  Do you?"
      Me:  "Well I hope that I do, but I'm not sure I could move a mountain."
      Josh:  "I do.  I need it to move a twee."
      Me:  "Just don't move it in my way."  (JK.  I didn't really say that)
      Cute.  Huh?  Good teaching moment.

9.  I'm thinking about redecorating my kitchen.  The budget will be
     modest.  If I post some pictures will you give me your thoughts?

10.  Dear Brother, if you're reading this you should schedule
     some time on your calendar to assist your favorite sister
     with her budget friendly kitchen remodel.

11.  Dear Sisters, you can come and help too.

Ok.  Just needed to end on ten. 

(Little Sis kindly pointed out (because she loves me)
in her comment that I do not know how to spell unique,
so I corrected it.  She did fail to notice; however,
that I do not know how to count either because I had two #3's.
I think it's related to the proposed trauma of the
upcoming weekend.  The problem with having numbered
wrong it makes my numbers off now, but I'm too tired
to care.  Please forgive me.  And pray for me.  I
need it.)
Blog ya later, Missy


  1. Okay finally manage to sign in an First off # 3 you spelled unique with a g...lmao Sorry can't help it I have to say something. Second I would be more than happy to assist with the kitchen project you will just have to tell me when. As far as your blog goes I would not change a thing. I am a huge fan and I guess you are the narrator of the family and that is where you fit in. Telling Oh and before I forget have fun with the slumber are braver than I.

  2. do you remember the year at Girls' Camp that we were 'crafting' and I accidentally squirted superglue in my mouth??
    My MIL is huge into roosters too - she redid her kitchen a few years ago and went bold with a hunter green with red accents - it went really well with her collection.
    I second the notion that you don't change your blog, I love it the way it is, all spunky and full of Indiana humor and sarcasm - perfect!!


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