Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Today is my sweet Olivia's birthday.
It should be a national holiday.  I am
convinced that if all the world knew her
all would agree.

Anyway, she is now a teenager. 
Where did the time go? 
I find myself asking that question a lot

I love this sweet girl.  Her heart is as
big as Texas and she is more clever than
a fox at evading work.  Just ask Meghan.

I could go on and on about how she always thinking of me.  She brings me sweet
treats home from Mamaw's house.

...reminds me of things that need to be done.

...makes me laugh at her dry sense of humor.

...teaches me compassion.

...lights up my day with her warm smile.

I could keep going, but I won't. 

I will share some pictures though.

Christmas 1999, Age 2 (Meghan, 5)

Nauvoo.  Summer 2000, Age 3  (Meghan, 6)

Olivia's 4th birthday party
(l to r: Bryton, Olivia, Kiana, Kamen (back), Owen (front), Meghan holding Dasia, Jimmy(back),
 Kaden (front))

Special Olympics, Spring 2010 (Age 12)

4th of July fun with Josh and Kiana (Summer 2010)

Happy 13th Birthday Olivia!

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