Monday, June 21, 2010

What in the world are they doing?

We have some really strange neighbors
(well, they're not exactly next door neighbors,
they live down the road about a mile or so).
We pass their home every day during our
comings and goings, and most days
any number of them can be seen
walking around their house.Not just
meandering about in their yard, actually
walking around the house.
They do it so often that there is
a dirt path!!! I've even seen
the chickens walking along it! It's such
a common sight that every time
we pass we look to see if there is someone walking,
and if there is one of us exclaims yells "Walker!" 
My kids even let me know if they have
seen one when they passed by on the school bus.
Sometimes the kids will even update me with
"Oh Mom, I forgot to tell you,
me and Dad (that's how we talk here) saw
a walker the other day when we went
to Wal-Mart."  Now, you may be
saying "What's so weird about that?  Walking
is good for you."  Well, nothing is wrong
with it except we (mainly, I) wanna know why.
Most people who to choose to walk don't walk a dirt path
around their house! We  have a couple of theories:
1.  It's a form of punishment for the kids
     (if so, than those kids are some major stinkers!)
2.  We  don't really have any other theory, other than they're
(It reminds me of that movie with Tom Hanks, "The Burbs". 
Only I don't think they are murderers.  Although, if we were
to write a movie about them we could call it "The Sticks". 
Note:  Not my original thought.  Alternate movie title provided
by my brother.) I may just have to get a picture of it to
show you. Then you'd understand.  Only I don't
want to get caught, so I'll have to be sneaky
about it. The only other thing I wonder is, if
they look at us and wonder what's up with the
family in the little gray van that drives
past everyday with their faces glued to the
windows?  I'm thinking they exclaim yell "Peepers!"

Blog ya later, Missy


  1. I want to see a Walker! (I get harassed quite frequently for my lack of grammar skills - I totally blame it on Southern Indiana! Everyone there would know what I was sayin'!)

  2. Gotta love your Hoosier roots!!


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