Sunday, June 27, 2010

Confessions of a Ghetto Queen

There are some facts in life that people must
learn to accept. For instance, some people
must learn to accept the fact that life is not fair,
and they must make themselves
get out of a perfectly warm, comfortable bed
long before the rooster crows, and get ready for work.
Others must accept the fact that cleaning the house
while kids are still growing, is like shoveling the
walk while it's still snowing!!!  
Still, others must accept the fact that they are ghetto queens.
This is where I find myself.  Only, I don't fight it any more. 
I embrace it.  Like a warm, snuggly quilt on a mid-July night.
Allow me to explain myself. 
I have always wanted to be one of those women with
not a hair out of place.  One of those women with well
groomed and well behaved children.  One of those
women with a picture perfect, magazine worthy, home.
I have none of these. Except for having well groomed and
well behaved children. (Don't be jealous.)
There are some features to my home which I feel I must hide
from the rest of the world (except from my friend Brandi, on
account that she is a ghetto queen too).

We sometimes compare our ghettoieness.  Anyway, let me just
show you.

Like this:

We hide it with this:

And this:

We hide it with this:

And this:

We don't hide it.

So, if you see quilts, throws, or any other large swatches of material around my house
they are likely strategicly placed to disguise this:

*Big Sigh*

Oh no, no, no.  We aren't done yet.  Follow me.
This is the boys' room.  (Never mind the stinky boy smell.)

These are from him:

(A tantrum. His only one, I promise). 
I haven't even tried to hide them. I just don't let anyone in there.

How about this?

It broke sometime last week.  Hubs hasn't had the chance
to get it fixed. 

So, I did this:

(Shoulder shrug) It works. Keeps me from having to
walk around the house and use the other door,
or worse yet, wait for someone to let me in
(which may or may not happen).
What??? You still don't think I'm a ghetto queen?
Well, guess I'll have to prove it to you another day. 
Another post. Trust me.  There's more and lot's of it.

Ghetto queens unite!!!   If you're a ghetto queen and don't
care who knows send me your thoughts!
Blog ya later, Missy


  1. ok, missy...this totally made me chuckle, because i HATE my house. it's the LEMON of houses. everything is either in the process of falling apart, or fell apart long ago and has never been fixed because there's never enough money and it's overwhelming to even think about picking a starting point.

    so i guess that makes me a ghetto queen, too. or maybe a white-trash princess.

    all i know is, i dream of someday living in a house that i'm not embarrassed for people to visit. i just console myself by muttering under my breath that at least i have a roof over my head {until a really strong wind finally decides to knock over one of the 3 dead trees in the front of the house and send it crashing into the kitchen...}


  2. OK so you can come over too and I won't spend hours hiding everything. Welcome to the club.

  3. oh my, that made me laugh SO hard! I'd bet there aren't any 'perfect' moms/housewives, just some are better at hiding the imperfections. Say it loud and say it proud! haha!

  4. I am so glad you posted this! I especially loved the " Others must accept the fact that cleaning the house while kids are still growing, islike shoveling the walk while it's still snowing!!! " part! I get SO stressed out when things are out of place and try SO hard to keep things orderly, but it just doesn't work and I am slowly learning to accept that and not pull my hair out!


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