Friday, June 25, 2010

Hi. I'm Missy.

A nickname for Melissa.  I've gone by
Missy all of my life.When I was in college
I tried to go by Melissa (you know, more
sophisticated), but I couldn't get used
to it. So, I just left it at Missy.  Not that
I necessarily like it, but people tend to think
you're ignoring them if you don't answer
when they call your name.
"Melissa.  Melissa?  Hey. Yeah you. 
I'm talking to you!! I said your name like
100 times!" True story.  Well, almost, or
at least something like it.

Sometimes people rhyme it with Tissy
Sometimes they rhyme it with...
They're soOo original. 

Most of my friends when they greet
me say, "Hey Missy Ray."  Not just Missy.
Missy Ray.  Which I find to be rather enjoyable. 
It makes me smile.  I don't know why really,
but it does. 

I have four kids.  Meghan, Olivia, Owen, and Josh.

    Note: Big Brown Furry Rodents are Not My Children.
(In case you were wondering.)

They're your typical run of the mill 7 to 16 year olds,
but I'm crazy about them.

I was pleased to learn that two of them really like their
names. Meghan even likes the way hers is spelled. 

Credit that to the hubs. 
I wanted to spell it M-e-g-a-n, but I lost out. 

Josh once answered on a Primary- Get To Know You
questionnaire -
What name would you choose if you could?:  I like my name.

Glad to know it. 

Owen however, laments the fact of not being named
Dwayne, or Alvin.

Now, I must admit that we considered a list of names for him, but
those two never made the top100.  (No hate mail from any Alvins, Dwaynes,
or their mothers please.)

Olivia doesn't really have an opinion about her name.

That's OK I guess, but
I happen to think it is the loveliest name ever.

We have a dog, Katie Ann.  She's a Yorkie. 

She loves the hubs more than me.

This is the hubs.  (On the right.  You already met the cute bug
on the left.  What a ham!)

 I have loved him since I was 15.  Most people call him by our last name.
That's what you get for having a last name that can double as a first.

Blog ya later, Missy

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  1. i love, love, LOVE it!!!
    welcome to the wonderfully addictive world of blogging :)


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