Monday, June 21, 2010

"Blog? Blog what???"

It's official I'm a blogger. I never thought
I'd be one of those, especially since up until about
6 months ago I didn't even know what one was!
I know. I know.
But you see I'm just not that into computers
and surfing the net
 and bl bl blogging because we still live with dial up.
I know. Enough said.
(It's OK. I don't need your pity. I just shared that
with you so you would understand.)
But that all changed when I discovered Facebook.
Facebook has changed my life.
I love, love, looove it!!
I love hearing about the little things
in family and friends' lives that would normally never
be shared because of distance and time.
Sporadic moments in life that would likely be forgotten.
How does all of this lead to blogging you say?
Funny you should ask.
Well, occasionally I check out friends profiles.
You know. To see where they live, or where they're working.
Things like that.
Oh. OK. I admit it. I'm a FB and blog stalker!!
I just can't help myself. (My mom would've said that I am nosy.
I prefer to think of myself as inquisitive.)
Anyway, that is how I discovered the World of Blogging.
Lots of friends have blog sites. Who knew?!?!
And so, as I read and read a crazy thought occurred to me...
Why don't I start my own blog??? Hmm...
It would give me a place to ramble on and on
about the random thoughts that run
through my head,
and give me the chance to share all of my
cute kids stories.
Trust me with 4 of them, I've got plenty!!!

So, I make my big announcement to my sibs
that I plan to start a fabulous blog to which
I get......"Why??" Immediately followed by blank stares and the sound of chirping crickets.
The response from Hubs wasn't much better.
(They're soOo supportive.)
"Why? Why???
Because I want to share my great family and wonderful life
with the ENTIRE WORLD!"


Blog ya later, Missy


  1. I absolutely love blogs, love reading my friend's thoughts and stories! By the way, there is a company that will put your blog for the year in a book form!!! I'm going to try it after this year to see what I think. Then I bet your family will love it - and a perfect hand-me-down 'journal' for distant generations . . .

    P.S. I LoVe your 'random' thoughts!! :) I miss you, too!

  2. If you do the book let me know what you think. I bet you'll love it. I love reading/stalking your blog. I feel like I know that kids and Dallas almost as well as my own ;)


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