Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Be Still My Soul

That is one of my favorite hymns.
I sung it after Mom died.  A lot.

In a few, short days, she will have
been gone eight years.
I have no idea where the time went.

Once, after she died, I saw a woman
in the store that looked like Mom.  I kept
staring at her.  I think it made her feel
uncomfortable so, I quit.  Then I cried.

It's hard for me to recall her voice now.
I have to really concentrate.
That bothers me.  A lot. I was afraid
that would happen.

I used to think about her everyday.
Until one day, I realized I hadn't thought
about her for awhile.  I wasn't sure how
long it had been.  So I cried.

At first the pain was intense, consuming, and
raw.  It's just a longing now with passing
moments of sorrow. 

Someone told me that time heals all wounds.
I'm not sure that is true, but it does get better, easier,
and life goes on, until one day we're with them again.

Yesterday, our Ward suffered a tragic loss.
And now, dear friends are left grieving  for the
loss of their wife, mother, sister, and friend, and also
their son, brother, and grandson.

Words could never express the sorrow.
How I wish, along with everyone else, that I could ease
their pain.  I cannot.  But there is One who can.
Who will.  With time.

For now, it is my prayer for them that they may
find comfort, and rest in the assurance that He
lives, that families are eternal, and that they can be
with them again someday.


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  1. That was beautiful, Missy. I feel so sorry for everyone, it's terrible.

    (nice link, by the way! :)


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