Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend In Review.

2005.  Waiting for their gifts that we brought them from Florida.
Josh's expression is priceless.  

This weekend I painted my front door black.
I'm still not sure if I like it.
I read once that people who wear black
are trying to not be noticed.
I wonder what that means about my front door?

I planted impatiens in the flower bed behind the house.
I still haven't done anything with the flower beds in front.
The weeds have taken over.
I should let the goats take care of it.

I did a few hundred loads of laundry
(which may or may not be an exaggeration)
and there's still a pile of clothes in the laundry room floor.

I went to the store and forgot the milk.
Seriously, who forgets the milk?

Josh has called Meghan "Chubby Button" all weekend.
She doesn't like it.

Olivia gave Katie a bath.
But didn't brush her.

Andy and Kaden came over earlier.
They woke me from my nap.
They hadn't been over in awhile.
So I didn't mind.
Even when they got the boys all wired up.

One of the topics that was talked about at church today
was being optimistic.
With that in mind I'm
working on developing good thoughts
for the week ahead.

But, I'm going to bed now.
Because 5 o'clock comes
way. too. early.

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