Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Family Pictures

I love pictures.
I have my favorite ones in frames all around my house.
I've shared some of them with you.

When I go to other's homes I love to look at their pictures
and hear about the stories behind them.

I think I prefer snapshots to professional photos.
I believe it's those that tell the stories of our lives.

The other day a lady at work and I were talking.
As it turns out she grew up next to my family.

She and her sisters were often cared for by my great grandmother.
They loved her so much that they continue to call her Mamaw Kiefner.
 She brought me this picture a few days later.

Amanda Kiefner 1969

I barely remember Mamaw.
 I was 5 when she passed away.
  But I love to hear stories about her.
 She was a remarkable woman.
   Kind hearted and gentle.

    This picture is priceless to me.
   I'm  so glad that someone took the time to take it that day.



  1. How cool is that? Just goes to show, no picture is a waste of time. I try to remember that when I don't get the perfect shot - it could still be important someday. Remembering to turn the camera on myself . . . well, that's a different story.

  2. I know. I avoid the camera at all costs!


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