Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Meghan.

       Today Meghan turns 17. She’s thrilled about it.
        She even set the calendar reminder on my phone.

 As if I wouldn’t remember
 the birth of the child that hurdled me into motherhood.

I love Meghan.

Her birthday this year is bittersweet,
a reminder that she’ll be leaving the nest soon.
But I can’t think about that today because I’ll cry.
 And I don’t feel like crying today.

Last weekend was Meghan’s junior prom.
She went with another couple.
They’ve been best buds since preschool.


Once when Meghan was around two,
we were leaving Wal Mart when Meghan said:

“You want to hear a dirty joke?”
Will and I looked at each other mortified
thinking where in the world did she hear a dirty joke?
“Sure.” I said not sure of what I was going to hear.
Just knowing that my precious two year olds mind had forever been polluted.
 “A boy fell in a muddy puddy.”
And with that she fell into a fit of two year old giggles
and leaving this momma
with her first of many mothering moments
  never to be forgotten.


Happy Birthday Meghan.


  1. It's fun to see your daughter as a little girl, then all grown up. It brought a tears to my eyes as I have two little girls of my own. Meghan is beautiful and quite the comedian. :)

  2. I know. She really has grown up way too fast. She's a lot like her dad when it comes to being funny.


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