Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wearing O' the Green.


Today is St. Patrick's Day.
And I didn't wear green.
I didn't get pinched either.

I'm not a very holidayee person.
Must be getting old.  Old and grumpy.  For sure.

Once, when I was little
I remember going down into
our basement to get my pants out of the dryer.
They were made of polyester and had
a blue and red patchwork pattern on them.  LoOved them.
But, Mom wouldn't let me wear them
 because it was St. Patrick's Day and there
wasn't any green on them.

When you're 4 and your brother's 8
it's not safe to be taking such risks. 
Darin would've been forced to pinch me. 
He would've had no other choice.  Cause that's the kind of brother he is.
And traditions are not to be taken lightly.
Oh.  And as a side note.  He can pinch with his
toes too.  And pick things up with them. 
He's multi-talented.

Good thing I didn't see him today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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