Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Raise a Boy.

This is Doodle.  Minutes before he finished my soda at the ball field.
In the heat of The Summer with record heat waves.  And one concession stand.  Two fields away.
Such a thoughtful boy.
He has the softest hair ever.  Really.  And it always smells good .
Even when the rest of him smells like boy stink.
I know because I sniff it when I give him hugs.
Its a high. 
I know.  Weird.

He is one of two reasons why Red Dye # 40 is banned in our home,
and sugar before bed,
and why earplugs are on my list for Wal Mart.
Oh, and he's the main offender of the basketball ban.

He's growing like a weed.  Which makes me daydream
about the day when he will be taller than me, and I can't sniff his
hair anymore, and then I think about him
going on a mission, and getting married...
 then I hyperventilate.
And I cry.
Then I hear the basketball bouncing off the hallway walls

C'est la vie!

Now go sniff your boys hair before he's too tall.
Or your daughter. 
Either will do.



  1. What a good looking kid! He's a good mix of you and Will.

  2. Love this post! How sweet. I have a boy I feel that way about too.

  3. Thank you Julie. My boys have got me wrapped around their fingers. Most days. Thanks for stopping by.


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