Monday, July 19, 2010

Ramblin, Ramblin, Ramblin.

The 4H fair is this week
so that means it was a busy
weekend with a busy week

I don't have pictures from the
fair ready yet, but I will soon.

For now you're just gonna have to
put up with my ramblins.

1.  It is so hot outside that my eyeballs
     melt when I go out. 

2.  There are only 4 weeks left before school starts, and
     even though I'm not home during the
     day with the kids, it makes me sad.

3.  Saturday, Hubs and I will have been
      married for 17 years.   

4.  I need to paint my toenails, but I'm too

5.  If I don't go grocery shopping soon we
     may all starve to death.

6.  I need to stop by Kirstie's to look at
     her wedding pictures.

7.  Olivia asked me Saturday if Wendy's
     was around when I was a kid.  What?
      She's grounded for the rest of her life.

8.  I'm allergic to cats.  Really.  I swell
     up like a balloon.  Ever seen the movie
     Hitch?  Thats me.  Anyway, there are
     now 5 strays (Momma +kittens) living
     under my deck.  Not good.  Last week
     my left eyeball swelled.  (Not eyelid, eyeball.
     There is a difference).  They're gonna
      find a nice Amish home soon.

9.  I love my brother and sisters.  They'd
     do anything for me.  Except take those
      darned cats.  Haters.

10.  One of my new years resolutions
       was to run in a 5k this year.  I
        should start training for that soon.
        What?  It's not too late.

11.  There were a lot of  butterflies
        in my flowerbed yesterday.  I
       could hardly count them.

12.  Hubs said yesterday that because
       of our phone company being bought
       by another phone company they would
       have to update rural areas with DSL as part
       of the take over agreement.  Or something
       like that.  If this is true, you have
       no idea the joy it would bring to my life.
       That makes my heart sing.    

Happy Monday!

Blog ya later, Missy


  1. I hate when my eyeBALLS get swollen! Are you guys headed to Utah anytime soon??? You know I told Sammi not too long ago that she looked like Hitch - she had a severe ear infection :) Oh, and happy anniversary!! My kids start school on July 26th! How insane is that??

  2. We have talked about heading West next summer with Jimmy and Janeen in toe, but nothing is set in stone. O boy. That'll be like the circus coming to town!

    School starting the 26th is CrAzY! When did they get out? Are they excited to make new friends at a new school? Meghan used to always want to be the "new girl." I think because she likes being the center of attention. Weirdo.

    I didn't get the chance to leave a comment on your post about Cora's story. Tell her it was the best. I read it to Josh and he laughed and laughed. I did to. Thanks for sharing it.

    Also, Janeen has a kitchen aid that she never uses. Can you believe that? That woman used to cook and cook. Now, the appliances in her kitchen are lonely and feel useless. I think they need a good home, like the one up the hill.


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