Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Mom's Home!"

And with that simple announcement
the chaos begins. Kids begin to
swarm, the dog starts yapping,
and the questions come faster than
I can answer.

“Can I go to Mamaw’s?”
“Can we go swimming?”
“What’s for dinner?”
“Miss, where’s my…?”

Sometimes it makes me feel overwhelmed.
Sometimes it makes me feel irritated.
And that makes me feel guilty.

That’s what it is to be a working mom.
Wanting/needing just five minutes
to clear my head from the stress of
the day. But I can’t always do
that because I'm the mom.
I've been gone all day. There’s
work to be done, dinner to be fixed, and
kids and a husband to be loved.

It’s impossible for me to do both jobs well.
Something has to give somewhere.
Usually, regrettably,  it’s something at home.
The laundry remains in a pile on the laundry room
floor, meals are late and prepared as quickly as possible,
and I often miss classroom parties and field trips.
I hate that. 

I’d stay at home in a minute, if I could.
That’s where my heart is. Then I
wouldn’t feel guilty. At least not about
all of that.

Blog ya later, Missy


  1. ugh...i don't miss those days at all. when i worked at the hospital, i really did love my job but i felt overwhelmed and miserable almost all the time because i just couldn't keep up with everything at home to the degree that i wanted things kept up.

    being a working mother is one of the hardest things in the world... don't be too hard on yourself for feeling like you need to decompress sometimes!


  2. Thanks Deb. Your thoughts did my heart good :)

  3. You expressed your feelings well. I was able to be A SAHM for the first 13 years of my marriage and have worked the last twenty. I so know how you feel.

    Even though our children are grown now, I would still stay-at-home if possible.

  4. Missy! I just found your blog:) I LOVE it! AND for the record, you're a great mom:)


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