Thursday, July 15, 2010

Country Roads Take Me Home...

Guess where I've been.  Nope.  Uh uh.
No, not there either.
Yep.  Tennessee!

It was a special occasion.
Kirstie and Chuck tied the knot,
so it was a family affair. 

Which made for a lot of laughing,
arguing, and good times!

This is what happened while we were gone...

Hubs ate a rotten apple.  Gross.

(I may never blindly bite into another one again.)

There was trouble at the border.

 Apparently big food chains frown upon picture
taking within the building, and the flash messes
with the ex army guys head (thats what he said).

This guy does not like to be splashed by kids.

Some of those beautiful creeks in TN are polluted.

My kids were the poo poo pollution police. They took it upon
themselves to warn travelers of the dangers they
would face, should they decide to play in the creek.

Andy is a golf pro and everyone in Tennessee has heard of
him.  And most are big fans.

I'm the fan club president.  Email me for
any autograph requests.
(Seriously, he is quite good.)

The smoke alarm in our hotel room really worked.

(Should've known this little stink was in the middle of it)
I'm pretty sure the staff had a party when
we checked out.

This guy is grumpy when there is a lot of traffic,

 but he has a cute baby.

Olivia believes that cowboy hats are only available in TN.

She's never been to TX, OK, WY, NM, or ....
Poor kid. 

Tennessee policemen are nice to men who have a lead foot.

This bug drank his weight in Squirt.

I have no idea what they were talking about.

I've been home two days and my house still looks like this

But my flowerbeds look like this

It's good to be home.

Blog ya later, Missy

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