Monday, August 22, 2011

"I'm running away!"

Josh.  Being Josh.

Thats what my baby said,
Then he ran out the back door
leaving a trail of chaos behind him. 

I was fixing dinner
so I watched him from the kitchen window.
 I could tell by watching him that this was gonna
last awhile. Because he was seriously mad
and the older kids had been picking on him.  Again.

    He has a fiery temper that one.

Andy and Josh eating dinner while on vacacion July 2011


   Back under the apple tree
    Andy the goat, not the cousin, had joined him.
  Just a boy and his goat.
  There they sat for awhile,
    until Andy started chewing at Josh's hair.

                             When dinner was ready there was no coaxing him in.
                                                      Papaw couldn't even do it.
                                                           At least not at first.

                        Then I saw a blonde streak dart through the kitcen
                                                          and out the back door.
                                         There he was again under the apple tree
                                                           with his dinner plate.

4H Fair 2011
                                                      Pride before hunger.

                                             It must be so hard being the baby.

                                                    He turned 9 last week.


  1. I'm a new follower! If you get a chance, come check out my page!

  2. I'm glad he stuck around! Years from now I think he'll appreciate that you wrote down this story :) My 7-year-old has also threatened to run away, yet she is still with us.


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