Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Goat Chronicles and the Circle of Life.

Lucy and Ruby Goat are pleased to introduce you to their son and brother, Andy Goat.

He was a Christmas baby.
    I wanted to name him Noel or Rudolph or Nick. 
But I lost.  Again.

He likes to try and climb through the fence.
He's a little confused.  He thinks he's a dog.

He spent the first week of his life living in our kitchen.
Now he prefers to dine on a more organic menu.

I'm sensing some sibling rivalry here.

Everyone tell Ruby how pretty she is.

It's important for her self esteem during these
delicate adolescent years.

With the promise of Spring comes new life.

I think somebody around here is gonna have some babies.
And it isn't me.

Happy Spring!

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