Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's on Missy's phone? - Courtesy of the kids.

It’s that time of week again.
WORP Tuesdays with  Jessica
at Lowe Family News.
I’ve missed the last couple
of weeks
because I’m ghetto.

I don’t really use my phone’s camera much.
But true to usual fashion
the kids have not let me down.
I have some really great, or odd, or no
words can describe it pics for you.

Like this.

I HATE spiders! Who would ever
eat a sucker with a spider in it?
One guess.

Yep this guy.
When I first saw this picture.
I laughed. And laughed. And laughed.
So, I asked him about it.
“What are you doing? Stripping?”
(Well what did you think?)
“O vat? Chicken Dance.”
And then I got a demonstration.
Huh. Who knew?

And this is a lovely picture
of your friendly Midwest Elk.
No, they’re not indigenous here.
We’re just lucky to have them as neighbors.
This guy greets me most mornings
when I come home from work.

“Morning Hank.”
“Morning Missy.”
“Tough night?”
“Nah. You?”
“One of the deer got out, but Farmer Tim
wrangled her up when a looky-loo spotted her.”
“Tough times.”

Well sadly, or maybe not, that’s it till next time.

Just for the record,
the above conversation
never really took place.


  1. don't be coy, that conversation DID take place. ;)
    and i would be freaked out eating a spider sucker, wtc?!

  2. That's a great name for a elk... Hank. =)
    I would not be able to eat that sucker. Nor would I be able to watch my kids eat that spider sucker. gag... =/

  3. Is that a Black Widow in the sucker? Gross!

    Your son is funny! Maybe he'll be a comedian someday and be famous!

    The elk is awesome! I wish that I had a neighbor with an elk!

  4. Spider suckers and the chicken dance ~ great pictures!!

  5. You've given me an idea! Maybe next week I'll snoop on my sons phone and post pictures he has taken! Wrong? (Yep, I'm that mom with a kid with a cell phone.)

  6. ewww. i had a little freak out just looking at that nasty spider.
    who would put that in a sucker?
    cute blog girly!

  7. That sucker would be pretty cool to try lol *chicken dance*

  8. HAHA!!! Nice Hank conversation! We have elk here... Maybe I'll try conversing with one. ;)

  9. i might not be able to be ur friend anymore now that u have a frickin SPIDER on ur page. wtc?!?!?! ugh.

    and the elk? are u kidding? is it wild? i'm so intrigued.

    see u next time!

  10. my husband would kill to well no love to kill that elk for you :o) conversation or no conversation.
    and kid picks are.the.best!


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