Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to take a compliment. By Missy Manners.

Everyone loves a compliment.
Even me. But we don’t
always know how to take it.

Why is that?
Is it because of embarrassment?
Or do we believe the deliverer
to be insincere?

I say enough of that.
We need to embrace every

A simple thank you will do.

Here are some real life examples
from Missy Manners.

Giver: “You have pretty eyes.”
Missy: “Thank you.”

Giver: “Your hair looks nice. Today.”
Missy: “Uh. Thank you.”

Giver: “ Your kids usually are so well-behaved.”
Brief moment of silence
Missy: "Thank you."

Now these are true life examples of
compliments that I 
 have received at some point in my life,
but the next one I will
never, ever forget. Ever.

I was 16. My future mother-in-law
was the giver. I didn’t know
how to respond to it then.
Still don’t.

Future MIL: “You remind me of  Sissy Spacek.”

Sound of crickets.

Now, don’t get me wrong, but at 16 the only
thing I knew about Sissy Spacek
was “Coal Miner’s Daughter”.
And all I could think about was
her playing the guitar while barefoot
on the front porch
with kids running amuck around her.
This was most definitely NOT
a compliment to 16 year old me.

I remembered this not long ago, as I am
prone to do, and so I asked
my mother in law about it.

MIL: “I’ve always thought Sissy Spacek was cute.”
Missy: “Thank you.”

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