Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's on Missy's phone? or better known as "Signs of the Times."

My phone is a kid magnet.
No kidding (pun not intended).

Olivia used to have it all. the. time.
Now Owen does.

They like to listen to the cool music.
Cause I know how to rock.
And they like to text.  Oh my, how they
LoOoVe  to text.
And lastly they like to take pictures.

Boys and girls do not take
pictures of the same things. 

Would you like to see?
Do a little comparison?
Night and Day.

                 Girl                                                                                Boy

                Girl                                                                                  Boy



                    Girl                                                                            Boy


Now, I must say, and surely you do as well,
that there are some obvious differences in their subject matter.

I don't understand it.
I don't even get surprised
when I look at my pictures anymore.

This is the life of a mother with girls and boys. 
I must admit that I kind of like it though.
We sort of balance each other out.

I'm linking up with the "HUSSY" for
what I like to call, woRp Tuesdays (what's on R phones).
Head on over there to see what
everyone else is taking pictures of.
We won't seem so strange anymore.

Oh.  I saved my favorite pics for last.
I took them.  About a year ago.
But I chuckle every time I see them.

They were two signs the boys' posted
on their bedroom door.

Translation:  The boys are mad at Olivia and have
kicked her out of their room.  Again.
But, we better not include Mom in this.

This next one is a bit dark.  Sorry.

It reads:  NO Girls Allowed!!!
              EXPECT if Needed.

Translation:  Olivia keep out.  Mom you
                   can come in to put our clothes up.

Blog ya later,


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  1. LOVE ur unique take on this link up!!! And those signs are freakin awesome.

    Come back next week! Until then...



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